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Science of the Movies Episode 8: “Enter: Light Stage 5!”

nar light stage 5

Tonight on Science Channel at 8pm, I’m entering this sci-fi looking contraption appropriately named Light Stage 5 on Science of the Movies.

So what’s it for? Find out when we go behind the scenes of creating a photo realistic CG human — I first blogged about The Emily Project last year, so it was super cool to visit the folks behind this ground breaking technology! Prepare to be awed:


I’m also going into some seriously nasty weather when I visit FXperts to see how they re-create rain, snow, hail, fog, and hurricane-like winds on film sets. It’s gonna get wet.

Plus, if you ever wondered how filmmakers got those high speed closeups of characters riding horses in the Narnia films, then mount up — I’m heading to Creature Effects to take one for a ride!

Science of the Movies: Thursdays at 8pm on Science Channel!

nar creature fx 2

nar creature fx 1


  1. kristofa1138 says:

    oh crap look out, nar’s got a sword!

  2. Nar Williams says:


    Ha! I’m gonna give the Renaissance Festival a go this year… What do you think?

  3. u2snumberonefan says:

    You look like one of the riders of Rohan!

  4. jon says:

    “Follow me, fellow geeks, for today we roll natural 20s!” — my favorite Nar line of the season!

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