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There’s Too Much Confusion – Battlestar Galactica Episode 4.18 Review


Wonderfully acted and brilliantly directed, the third to last episode in the BSG saga unfortunately did not move the story forward much. Can they really cram every loose end into the final three hours?

SPOILERS AHEAD… Read the full review!


Edward James Olmos has directed four episodes over the course of BSG’s run, and they’re always good. He elevates the actors everytime. Just take a look at Helo begging with Adama through crippled grief or three-year-old Hera terrified by the abusive Boomer. I wish Olmos’ superb direction could have been supported by a script that moved the plot a little farther.

I suppose at this point it’s safe to assume that Ron Moore is hording all the what-the-frak moments for his two-hour series finale. What a bummer.


Umm… Is it me, or did just last week Tory and Tigh hear Starbuck playing All Along the Watchtower? Is it just me, or did neither feel compelled to follow it up this week with… “Hey, Kara — How did your father know that song? What was he? What does this mean?”  

Starbuck’s mystery has absolutely no sense of relevance when no one around her seems to question or care. Baltar uses it as a chance to spout his religious crap and Apollo uses it as a chance to play nice guy ex-boyfriend. But that’s it. Nothing… So, who cares? WE DO!!! Tell us what the frak is going on for frak’s sake!



We know the ship is about to break. How many more scenes do we need of it cracking with lights flickering? None. We get it.

We know Adama loves the ship. How many more scenes do we need of him breaking down and crying? None. We get it.

We know Roslin is sick and dying. How many more scenes do we need of her being read to by the Old Man? None. We get it. (Although the phatty blunt they toked was a nice touch).

And then there’s Anders. Another plotline that’s been inching nowhere. The dude got shot four episodes ago and has been an idiot savant ever since. Only difference is now he’s in a cylon bathtub and has made a complete transformation into a babbling hybrid. Super!

I truly enjoyed this episode. The Visual Effects Team really delivered with some amazing shots of the cylon colony. But I still feel like the BSG writers are holding back. The good news is, they’ve run out of time — there is no more holding back. The bad news is, MY FAVORITE SHOW IS COMING TO AN END!!! CRAP!!!


Adama is cooking up a plan for the Galactica… Will it be a kamikaze mission into the cylon colony? Will major characters die? Will the whole human fleet bite the stardust before it’s over?

I think it’s likely… What do you think? Are you preparing yourself for the worst possible outcome, or do you have hope that they’ll somehow make it out alive (and on Earth)?



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  1. Ron says:

    Being a Johnny Come Lately to the series, I have to say that there is a scene that bothered me. We all know Adama would sleep with the Galactica if that was physically possible, but whats with the Tom Sawyer white washing the walls treatment, seriously?

  2. Nar Williams says:

    Ron: Yeah… That’s some whitewashing melodrama, for sure. Adama has proven himself to be quite the (drunk) drama queen.

  3. Jules says:

    I only saw the 10 minute Recap for this episode on SciFi. That’s right. In 10 minutes I saw ALL the major points of the episode.

    What the Frak is up with Battlestar Galatica!?

    I would have to say the high point for me was seeing Baltar getting bitch smacked by Starbuck. Sadly it’s because Starbuck and Baltar fraked in the BSG Books. That high point had nothing to do with the show at all.

  4. bigga927 says:

    Dang they might find real earth they might find the home of the 13th tribe they might commit mass suicide they might head back to Kobol and New Caprica, Cavil might ram his base star up Adama`s ass but as Baltar did not test the entire fleet there are more silicon based final 5 programmed cylons in the fleet. Would you as a human make multiple clones of one type or multiple types….

    remember Cavil has reprogrammed the 5 mostly anders regained his memory. I did not see the last aired episode but Cavil is coming and Boomer has something up her sleeve because Gaius and Six leave the opera house with Hera even Roslin saw that….

    But strange enough with all that jump tech. why didnt the colonies try to find Kobol even before the first cylon war… is this going to end like the Dark Tower I hope it would just for a laugh…

    True enough all those millions of colonists forgetting the location of Kobol… thats strange because true humans teach history to the offspring not so…. then why that particular gap in the history of the entire 12 tribes….

    Were the colonists clones/ copies resulting from the cataclysm that destroyed Kobol and then themselves a different type of carbon based cylon programmed to replicate like true humans…. while at the same time attempting not to reproduce the Kobol cataclysm… remember the 13 models are silicon based

    Whatever the plot twist we should all pop the corn heat the pie get the frak pack cool the beer cause I stopped partying on Fridays just to watch this show and DANG i will be if I miss the last episodes…

    Frak AI Humanity 4ever

  5. bigga927 says:

    Besides heres a lil more confusion( dang where are the SMILEYS)

    something tells me this is going to be a disappointment for some because a temporal distortion may be in order but where is Leoben

  6. avigail says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve written, except that I didn’t notice the acting or the character development because i was so “confused” (perfect analogy, btw) by the lack of plot development. One more thing to add — Gaius’ philosophical spouting seems utterly incoherent, flighty and irrelevant. i thought six already saved him from his illusions of finding “meaning” through that silly little harem?? My best guess for where this is going is that the cylon colony is on a habitable planet, and that habitable planet has an opera house on it….cue final showdown.

  7. avigail says:

    and yes, bigga927, where has leoben (one of the only sexy male cylons) gone???

  8. wil says:

    I fell in love w/BSG as soon as I watched the miniseries. I was instantly hooked and I’ve been hooked ever since. But it’s this same love that I’ve had for the series over the years that has me a bit… disappointed/concerned. What made Battlestar so fantastic to me were the characters. Sadly they’ve systematically taken the fire and passion out of all the characters, save Saul Tigh (and Boomer, who did some deeevious s–t last week). Think about it, Lee went from a pilot/soldier to a governor w/o a quorum, Kara’s playing Chopsticks w/daddy, Laura’s dying, Gaius has gone from a character you love to hate to one you just hate, and Nar, you’ve already said enough about the old man. Look, I’m not trying to use your blog smash on the series. I still have hope that they put some action back into what’s become Days of our Lives in space. I’m down with character development, but they really haven’t answered any questions. Hopefully I’m playing right into Ron Moore’s hands and he’s gonna blow me away and make me eat my words… Hopefully.

  9. Robert says:

    Bigga927, I have been asking myself that question since they deviated from the original series. In the original series, BSG found many different planets which had life and it seemed that the technology was indeed used in the original series by some humans and cylons to travel beyond the original 13 colonies. To make the new BSG the drama it has become, they eliminated the “landing party” or Star Trek type shows and mainly kept it aboard a few ships. This drama style allowed a deeper development of the characters we have come to enjoy.

    I don’t know what to expect? Where the heck was the chief this past episode?

    I am now looking forward to the end of this series. I will miss some things but I won’t miss wondering if there was going to be another season, which actors whould cry about salaries, how long it wuld be before the next season started, and so forth. What they did with BSG was simply terrific. I think they are going to have a hard time finding the same audience for Caprica. Nice attempt at copying the Star Wars model but I have serious doubts about it. On the Star Wars topic, can you believe that Jaina Solo had to kill her brother Jason (Darth Cadeus)?

  10. Jules says:

    I feel like the show is answering some good questions and putting an end to some story lines.

    1. We know who they final 5 are.
    2. Hera is the ONLY Human / Cylon Baby.
    3. Starbucks father was a Cylon.
    4. Laura finally kicks the bucket.
    5. Boomer’s role in the series is now coming to a close.

    Yes we are getting answers to many questions, but not “The Truth”.

    I used to find myself frustrated because I had to wait a week to see a new episode of BSG.

    Now I find myself frustrated watching the show. Someone give Starbuck a gun or a viper and let her kill something.

  11. Nar Williams says:

    Avigail: “Gaius’ philosophical spouting seems utterly incoherent, flighty and irrelevant”

    This has been really disconcerting to me… Everyone knows I think Baltar is one of the most interesting characters ever put on the tube. His role in this epic story has transformed over the years, but always felt integral. The last season has seen him become a fringe character with little (if any) relevance to the story, and that is just frakking sad.

    The only hope that he still plays a huge role in the finale is that it is HE that whisks Hera away (with Six) in the opera house vision. Remember way back in season 2 when that seemed so important? Here’s hoping…

  12. Nar Williams says:

    Robert: “I think they are going to have a hard time finding the same audience for Caprica”

    Depends. If it is a soapy-ass soap opera, you’re probably right — people won’t hang around for long.

    If, however, it is a thoughtful examination of the implications of developing AI, with valid arguments on both sides (and not just robot fear mongering), then it has an opportunity to not only be exciting and dramatic, but relevant. I for one can’t wait to see it!

  13. tommy says:

    * Anders seems to be taking over Galactica, and may be able to save it by strengthening the goo. Is this the miracle he was talking about?

    * I assume that people are asking Kara questions, but she doesn’t know the answer herself so I guess they have more important stuff to show us. (They already cut important scenes from this episode according to Bear McCreary’s blog, so there will be an “extended version” of this episode on the DVD!)

    * “is that it is HE that whisks Hera away (with Six) in the opera house vision”
    That was my first thought now that Roslin’s visions returned. The visions are the same but the “truth” is the opposite of what we used to think.

  14. drx1 says:

    Recap… from a begining … The 13th Colony, Earth is a mix of (maybe) humans with human/cylons and toast/cylons. Earth nukes itself into a cinder … there is live, however no sentient life is left – more to the point, the planet is not habitable anymore and will not be for another several thousand years (or longer?).

    The five escaped the destruction – because they knew it was coming and they had the means to escape – via (maybe) and old cylon tech. … They traveled back to the original 12 tribes (systems/planets) in order to prevent the holocaust they experienced. However they did not have FTL so it took them a thousand years or so to make the journey (which would not be a problem with auto resurrection/res when you want/need/etc…).

    They arrived and started designing the human cylons …. in order to bridge the ‘gap’ and prevent the war. Cavil was the 1st son and several more were created/designed – as human as possible, with free will and creativity. They gave the cylons immortality and the cylons rose up – 1st war – yet were not successfull. Cavil then bushwhacked the original five, kill them, brought them back and reporgrammed them/altered their memory…. and slowly put the original five back into the human population (in theory a big insult …. and also a huge tool). Cavil is the new leader of the cylons – all of them… he downplays the FIVE, he makes sure the other models do not want to seek the five out (reprogramming the five).

    Cavil keeps the five alive … so they can witness the show of human annihlation – the war the Five wanted to prevent…. and it happens again. Cavil’s play things are the human race, the colonials and his gallery is the Five… he plays along when he knows he has to and commands when he needs to – though I do not think he expected a cylon civil war, he does what he thinks is needed.

    Galactica is dying, maybe already dead, but isnt the best solder already dead in his/her/its own mind? The cylons are mortal now … no resurrection and no procreation.

    And Kara Thrace is the perfect killing machine – maybe she is Daniel’s vengence? The angel of Death? Maybe Baltar did get one thing right – and the Six was also right, he has not really changed … he is babbling, but he’s always usually a right – in some way that’s important.

    Galactica takes out Cavil’s cylons … like Pegasus takes out that Base Star? Maybe too easy, but maybe not…

    And what’s up with Centurions dreaming of the One True God???

  15. bigga927 says:

    Think of it in terms of the Appleseed series with the bioroids and cyborgs added in just centurions and proper silicon based replicants with human programming and biological functions, an entire society. Now where did the 13th tribe originate…. they left the other 12 tribes… doesnt that indicate that there were elements of cylons in the original 12 tribes that evolved to create the 13th….
    Whatever happens the Caprica series appears to be based after the 1st cylon war which is a buzzkill….

    See you Friday night LOL

  16. bigga927 says:

    Where is Leoben??? Boomer is going to help save Hera who is going to escape with Gaius and Caprica 6 as his selfless act LOL. The Old Man is going to die with Laura as is Saul and Ellen Anders Jumps Galactica in time…. it aint ending pretty but if its a buzzkill DVD sales are going to suckass…

  17. bigga927 says:

    Buzzkill baby Buzzkill very sh(tty ending after all actually switched to the Colony on canalspace last 15minutes…. they found an Earth type planet with naturally evolved humans and are the forebearers…. dang

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